Spin-out Support

Spin-out Support

A spin-out company is a new company which addresses a business opportunity with solutions based on DCU intellectual property, developed through research carried out in DCU. Our team supports the creation of sustainable spin-out companies with the potential for significant growth.

Researchers with an idea which could form the basis of a spin-out company should firstly contact their DCU Invent Business Development Director to discuss the business opportunity and assess the stage of development, level of market validation and further development needs prior to incorporation.

Our team will advise and support researchers with the essential elements of developing a new spin-out company including:

  • Further research funding to validate the technology/offering
  • Market validation via feedback from potential customers in the market
  • Team formation, identifying the key skills required in the new business
  • Dedicated training programs such as the Tech Venture Programme
  • Feedback & mentoring from our innovators in residence
  • Assessing the size of the market opportunity, margins and investment needs
  • Developing pitches and an investible business case  

We will also support researchers to develop an investment ready business case. Once the business case is approved by the board of DCU Invent, our team will negotiate the terms of an intellectual property licence and equity agreement between DCU and the new spin-out company, based on the DCU Policy for Spin-out Company Formation.