Consultancy Policy

Consultancy Policy

Dublin City University recognises the potential of consultancy activities to advance our contribution to the knowledge society, enhance the social and economic impact of university activities and support the enterprising and innovative spirit of the campus population. 

The staff of the University are encouraged to engage in consultancy for external bodies as a legitimate and valued university activity provided such consultancy is consistent with the objectives of DCU and the contractual responsibilities of each individual concerned.

Approved University Consulting activity will also be taken into consideration in promotion applications. In recognising the value of consultancy activities, the University provides professional indemnity and other insurances for employees when undertaking consultancy work on behalf of the University and will provide additional professional support through Research and Innovation Support.

This Consultancy Policy has been adopted by DCU to:

  • encourage and develop the University’s links with industry, commerce and the wider community through high quality consultancy activities which in turn enhance the expertise of staff, facilitate new research opportunities and benefit our teaching programmes
  • provide a clear consultancy framework for all stakeholders
  • manage our external links effectively to ensure appropriate returns to both employee and University for use of resources and intellectual endeavour
  • provide incentives for DCU staff to undertake consultancy work


 Consultancy Policy Forms

  • DCU Consultancy Policy
  • DCU Consulting Internal Approval Form
  • Proforma Consultancy Contract for Contracts up to and including €10,000
  • Sample Letter to an outside party clarifying the nature of a Private Consultancy
  • Private Consultancy Declaration form

This Policy was approved by the Executive of the University in December 2012.