Why Engage With DCU

Why Engage With DCU

DCU was set up to be different and is building a growing reputation as Ireland’s University of Enterprise. Engagement with industry has helped us to develop educational programmes and modules that have been influenced by the business sector. Our INTRA programme exposes our undergraduates to real world problems at a critical stage in their education. Our translational research is inspired by national research priorities and grand challenges. Engagement and research collaboration is in our DNA!

Our prime objective at DCU Invent is to help initiate collaborative research projects between DCU and industry partners. As a company, we can help you navigate the research expertise available and suggest opportunities where we can add value to your business. We ensure that the relationship is well managed and commercially realistic for both your company and DCU. We can help your company to avail of generous funding incentives for innovation and collaborative research. Our highly experienced team approaches research agreements, licensing and joint development projects decisively and without lengthy legal negotiations. We have a strong track record as one of Ireland’s leading universities for licensing and innovation partnerships with Irish SMEs and multinational companies.


Removing barriers to doing business - DCU Licence Express Scheme

The scheme is designed to make available to industry certain early stage technologies which have been developed as a result of research carried out at Dublin City University and for which the route to market, or time to market, is currently unclear or dependent on other enabling technological or regulatory developments.  In each case patents have been granted or are pending.  As part of DCU’s collaborative approach to working with industry and in the spirit of Open Innovation, DCU is offering licences to potential licensees on conditions set out below.  This scheme is designed to speed up the time it takes to conclude a licence and to make it easier for the entrepreneur to conclude an arms length licence.  This scheme will not apply to on-going collaborative research projects funded substantially by DCU or state agencies or to licences to spin-out companies where DCU’s research infrastructure, staff and research expertise are required.  Normal business discussions on a case by case basis and more complete licence agreements will still be used.

Principal Conditions 
An outline business plan or development proposal should be submitted to DCU which should indicate how the invention will be exploited with particular reference to the benefit for the Irish economy. Benefits may include continuing research and development in Irish based companies, creation of new jobs or support of existing jobs or increased exports for Irish based companies.  DCU shall not be obliged to accept any proposal 

  • No up-front licence fees will be due at the time the licence is signed nor will there be any milestone payments or royalty payments due during the initial development and sales period of four years.
  • A flat royalty rate of 1% of net sales will apply after the four year royalty free period.
  • DCU will not licence any patents under this scheme to patent aggregators or patent assertion companies. We intend that the licences will be granted to companies whose main business is the exploitation and development of technology through the manufacturing and sale of related products.
  • Technology will not be assigned to licensees under this fast track scheme.
  • We will offer Exclusive and Non-Exclusive licences.
    Exclusive Patent Licence
    Non-Exclusive Patent Licence

For more information on the scheme, please contact Richard Stokes, Director of Innovation at DCU. richard.stokes@invent.dcu.ie Tel. 00 353 1 700 6188

We are open for business and want to engage with you!