DCU is home to the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR), a World renowned, large-scale, multi-disciplinary research facility. The NCSR focuses on the science and applications of chemical sensors and biosensors in a wide range of applications such as environmental sensing, industrial sensing & healthcare diagnostics. Research areas include:  

Environmental Technologies

  • Development of new platforms, materials and detection systems that will provide enhanced functionality for environmental monitoring systems
  • Provision of flexible access to the information generated from these systems in real life deployments
  • Development of self sustaining autonomous sensor networks that can be embedded and dispersed in the environment


  • Nanotechnology based ultrasensitive diagnostics
  • Targeted drug delivery and release
  • Sub-wavelength resolution fluorescence imaging

Fundamental Materials Science

  • Smart, multifunctional materials whose properties can be chemically, electrochemically or optically switched
  • Microfluidics
  • Molecular deposition and immobilisation
  • Low power approaches to liquid transport on surfaces or within microchannels
  • Materials for energy scavenging and storage leading to self sufficient platforms
  • Nanostructures and nanomaterials such as conducting polymers

NSCR Brochure