Health & Human Performance

Health & Human Performance

Health & Human Performance – Life Sciences

Research at the School of Health and Human Performance provides an environment devoted to learning, developing, understanding and advancing in the areas of sport and health science.
The school has significant expertise in specialists in a wide range of areas such as exercise physiology, sport psychology, cardiology, cellular biology, biomechanics, physical activity and public health, motor control, coaching, physiotherapy and athletic rehabilitation. The School has a vast range of categories all of which fall under the umbrella of health and sport science. In addition with this our strategy is to align our research interests into a number of centers and clusters all of which contain specialists in their specific areas.

  • Physical Education with Biology & Mathematics
  • Athletic Therapy and Training
  • Sport Science and Health


Specific examples of Expertise available is as follows

Molecular Mechanisms of Action and Cellular Effect of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods                     
The frequent failure of high-throughput screening cell-based tools to accurately predict in vivo responses, coupled with limitations of animal models in predicting human safety or drug/nutraceutical efficacy, impairs the de-risking process for biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies as they make important decisions to enter human clinical trials. Dr. Ronan Murphy develops and delivers ‘organotypic systems’, based on advanced technological platforms to address this gap in expertise and service currently in the market. Our overarching objective and mission is to strive to fill this deficit between these screening and in vivo studies and provide a solution. We are looking to partner with nutraceutical/functional food companies to enter research collaborations to address key technical challenges in understanding the effects of nutraceutical/functional food products at the cellular level.

MedEx Wellness
This is a novel community-based chronic illness rehabilitation programme located at DCU.  It offers medically supervised exercise classes and educational workshops on nutrition to patients with a range of chronic illnesses.  Currently, programmes are provided for patients with cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, and cancer.  MedEx also encourages peer support through social activities after class. Since its establishment in 2006, MedEx has grown exponentially to become one of the largest centres of its kind in Europe.  The programme has gained the confidence of local GPs and hospital physicians and has a strong and steady referral base.  Currently, MedEx hosts over 600 patient visits per week.  It has become a significant resource to the surrounding community and truly transforms the lives of individuals (and their families) living with the burden of chronic illness.