Network & Communications Engineering

Network & Communications Engineering

Network & Communications Engineering

DCU has extensive expertise in network and communications research in both optical/ photonics and radio frequency (RF) technologies.  The university has invested heavily in laboratory facilities and now has state-of-the-art equipment for both RF and photonic R&D.
DCU has broad research expertise in both hardware and software.  This is a very strong research group with a strong track record of commercial success and industry engagement including recent spin-out company Pilot Photonics. The Network and Communications Engineering group includes the DCU research centre Entwine, and is a key member of the national photonics research centre IPIC.


DCU Entwine

The Entwine research centre focuses on providing Scalable Networked Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Network protocols for telecommunications
  • Embedded systems design
  • Mathematical modelling of networks
  • Network security
  • Hardware acceleration and energy management
  • Quality of Service in networks

Entwine Brochure


Irish Photonic Integration Centre  IPIC@DCU

DCU is a member of the IPIC national research centre in photonics research. IPIC research focus is on light-enabled technologies that go beyond traditional fibre optic communication networks that underpin telecoms and the Internet, to also include medical devices, environmental sensing and other emerging areas.

IPIC Brochure