Image Processing & Analysis

Image Processing & Analysis

Image Processing and Analysis

DCU has a number of groups involved a wide range of computer vision research applications. 
This includes both static images and video analysis.


Deep Learning @ DCU

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and more specifically, Deep-Learning Neural Networks (DLNN) are transforming the smart video and image analytics markets.  This is a strategic focus for DCU and we have a number of postdocs active in this space and a number of collaborative research projects with industry. DLNN has already proven to significantly improve performance in many computer vision applications, for example - object detection, object tracking, face recognition, image classification, scene labelling and others. 

Projects that demonstrate the breadth of expertise:


Smart Stadium for Smarter Living 

DCU is leading a collaborative research project with Croke Park Stadium, Intel and Microsoft to develop Ireland’s first national test-bed for IoT (Internet of Things).  The project combines Intel’s scalable sensor network, Microsoft’s cloud, Croke Park’s IT-infrastructure and DCU’s video analytics expertise to provide a complete end-to-end IoT pipeline – “sense-aggregate-analyse-feedback”.  A core focus for DCU was research into advanced video analytics algorithms and a number of working demos were developed in real-life match day environments.


Medical Imaging

  • A number of the computer vision research projects are medical.  These include: Machine learning for sub-cellular images from electron microscopes
  • Computer Aided Detection of ultrasound images for reproduction in cattle
  • Computer analysis of MRI images for diagnoses


Other breakthrough image processing and analysis technologies include:

  • Best in class crowd counting algorithms
  • Optical character recognition for automatic logo detection