Cloud Computing & Complex Modelling

Cloud Computing & Complex Modelling

Cloud Computing and Complex Modelling


DCU hosts IC4 the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce  IC4’s mission is to be a centre of excellence for innovation and applied research, that accelerates the development and adoption of cloud technology and showcases Ireland's capabilities in this field. 

The centre is organised around 4 key themes for cloud computing:

  • Architecture - including scalability and performance, reliability and resilience, interoperability, portability and migration
  • Service Lifecycle including service delivery and service levels for a quality cloud service
  • Business Research including business and organisational models and the regulatory environment
  • Cloud Security including mobile and disaster recovery.



DCU has a high-performance computing research group called ARC SYM - the Advanced Research Computing Centre for Complex Systems Modelling. The team has access to high performance computing infrastructure to address very large and complex problems in a wide range of domains including - biology, science, business security, environment, finance and open source software.

Examples of these complex challenges that require supercomputing power include – design of drug delivery systems; maximising yields in agriculture; wind energy modelling’; study of genomes related to Alzheimer’s; analysis of wave energy; improving public health through investigating drug resistant bacteria.

The Centre works closely with the Irish Centre for High End Computing ICHEC with access to their supercomputers.